Topic: Strider (Capcom/Double Helix) (PC/360/PS3//PS4/One) (wii u still up in there but probably no :(

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More people not supporting the wii u, and they ask why the wii u is not doing well...

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This is a little weird, since Strider is a retro franchise you think they would at least try out the Wii U. Sigh We almost might as well give up hope if this can't get on the Wii U...

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Why did you skip Wii U since it seems like most of Capcom’s games are on all platforms like DuckTales Remastered or Dungeons & Dragons.

AS: I don’t necessarily make all of the platform decisions. We try to match the right platform to the right title. Sometimes that’s purely a strategy decision. Sometimes it has to do with technology. Sometimes it has to do with the expertise of any given developer. For this game, we started out on PS3, 360, and PC. As we got more information and actual hardware from next-gen, we saw we would be able to leverage those. Given our release timing is soon after launch we decided that would be a good way to bring it to even more people and add in more bells and whistles.

Just say the Wii U has a low install base and we feel they people that own a Wii U wouldn't buy this game anyway.

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Never seen this game on a Nintendo platform. It could have been an opportunity to gather Wii U owners and hardcore Nintendo fans interest, but if for any reason whatsoever they don't bother porting, I don't think I should bother caring.


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