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Remember my poor, ill-fated Maiden Adei project? Well, it's still going strong (but that's for another day)...

More importantly - I've learned quite a bit since! Today I'm streaming the third in a series I call Games For Friends - where I make a full game - graphics/sound/music/prog - in 8 hours, and stream my desktop the whole time. I'll try not to be profane - but no promises once I start hitting roadblocks

This game in specific is going to be a super-bizarre hybrid of synth-metal inspired NES chiptune remixes from the Ys series, a golf driving range simulator, and a Murder Golf mode where you kill people with golf shots as they run down the course. It's for my buddy Adam - an avid golfer and the biggest Ys series fanboy that isn't me.

Tune into at 1:00pm central / 2:00pm eastern (in 51 minutes) and watch as I succeed, or fail, with a bunch of people watching and laughing.

Some press on the event:

Hope to see some of ya'll there!

Also - links to the finished games that are the result of the last 2 similar streaming jams:

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so your other game is still in production, then? did you finally get the font issues figured out?
also 'sup mang

future of NL >:3
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Hey teebs! Most of it - sadly now I'm knee deep in juggling the business and promotion side of things (for a while at least) so the production side has slowed a bit. Actually one of the reason I'm doing these rapid fire projects - get me used to developing, and most importantly FINISHING, games again.

Font issue is actually specific only to my computer. Every time I restart it, it overwrites my Terminal font with some garbage I have to manually delete. The joy of the Microsoft Surface. (Don't ever buy one - any of you)

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SwerdMurd wrote:

(Don't ever buy one - any of you)

Okay I won't.

Anyway, I find your projects (this one included) pretty cool because I, too, am planning on making games for a living! ...I'm still in high school, though, so I don't yet have the time to actually complete any projects, but seeing people like you doing these sort of things gives me something to aspire to!

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What a righteous vote of confidence! Reading stuff like that is what makes it all worthwhile!

And btw - Maiden is pretty sweet at the moment - I've totally expanded the scope / it's a straight up full-on game now. I actually finish my contract work this coming Tuesday and my goal for the remainder of January is to (not pick up any more work and then) finish Maiden and Barzeef, the two almost-done games on the table. Idk if I ever posted the video of the functional magic / battle system - but I'll do so here just in case:

And yes - it'll still be free. I promised.

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