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Continuing with the huge sale Steam started yesterday (that will last until Monday, with different deals each day)

Daily Deals:
-Dead Space: $14.99 - 50%
-Mini Ninjas: $14.99 - 50%
-Cities XL Limited Edition: $24.99 - 50%
-Madballs in Babo Invasion: $2.00 - 80%
-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: $2.49 - 75%
-Left 4 Dead 2: $37.49 - 25%
-Majesty 2: $9.99 - 75%

Permanent Deals (from yesterday until monday):
-THQ Complete Pack: $49.99 - 50%
-LucasArts Premier Pack: $49.99 - 50%

Both packs are an awesome value, with over 15 games each, for the price of 1! Also, note that today's deals are fairly new games, wth big discounts, hard to say no to most of them!

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Nothing interests me other than KOTOR, but I bought it from Steam already.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


Similarily, nothing interests me other than L4D2, which I have.

That THQ pack is amazing, though. It's $350 less then buying all the games individually.

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