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In the time of writing, Valve is only two and a half hours away from their first big announcement slated for this week.
There is going to be three announcements this week, all of them concerning how Steam will invade our living rooms. Most likely there will be news of Steam Box coming.
What do you think about the news?
Here is the official teaser site:


Can't wait to hear what the steam box will actually be and of course the price, like I guess most people though most of my steam games aren't linux compatible, but just enough are to consider getting the steambox again depending largely on its price.



Very nice. If the Steam Box is priced right, I'd love to have one.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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Releasing a completely independent OS is a smart move!
It will potentially be much lighter to run games without a full Windows running in the background.
SteamOS will be the back bone of the upcoming Steam Box. I think they'll show it wednesday.
Color me excited!


I had a suspicion that this is what they would announce. Kinda hoping it would just be part of the Steam Box announcement though. I'm thinking that the Steam Box is just going to be a set of system specifications, and anyone can legally call their PC a Steam Box if it meets those requirements. I'm hoping one or more of those requirements are unique to the Piston though. No moving parts, low energy consumption, nearly indestructible, tiny form factor, modular parts, sounds like an ideal new gaming platform to me. If only it had a bit more power... Another announcement might be a Valve produced game pad controller. Something with a trackball and maybe a thumb keyboard. Still hoping that one of these is Half Life 3, but it's doubtful.



Having a free OS is good for those who already have a good PC. (I'm going to have both Windows 7 and SteamOS on my PC)
Licencing is good for the fact that different manufacturers and retailers can sell ready-to-use PC's with the SteamOS pre-installed.
But I think Valve will have their own version of the hardware also! They're own controller? Hmm.. It won't be required that's for sure.
BTW, no trackballs for me haha. Never learned to use one. ;D


Since the other topic is more active with users, I'll lock this one and make that one the main topic. No offense to Moshugan of course

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