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If anyone is curious about 'Splosion Man and hasn't picked it up, it will be on sale for 400 MS points ($5 USD -- 50% off!) beginning February 2. At that price, it's worth it for anyone who's into platformers to give it a go!

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Nice, might get this. 400 points seems fair.



Wasn`t this supposed to come to Wiiware?

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Ravage wrote:

Wasn`t this supposed to come to Wiiware?

No, that's Explodemon. Come to think of it, we really need some more info of that one.

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Ack! Right after I said I wasn't gonna get anything else until my birthday, which is in 3 months! Ugh, I swear, someone up there is out to get me!>_<

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@Ravage, Yasume - I made the same mistake--I thought they were the same game and that someone incorrectly referenced Explodemon as 'Splosion Man. Two different games, and no info on Explodemon since it was a year ago.

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Dang I might have to grab this one. I played the demo awhile back and really liked the game, maye a little repeative but still fun.

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