Topic: Space Invaders: what's the best arcade to console port?

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I have Space Invaders related merchandising, such as an ice tray and a t-shirt, but I've actually never played it, let alone on an arcade cabinet, because although I'm 36 I never was an arcade-going kid.

So I'm kind of a poser when it comes to SI, and I want it to change.

I own Space Invaders Infinity Gene on Xbox 360, but obviously it's not the same. And I'd like to know what's the best arcade to console port and why, because I'd try to get it and finally play the original. I've read good things about Space Invaders Extreme on DS, but also know that it's not the original.

Besides, I guess that on its 40th anniversary, which is this year, they're going to do something. Maybe an arcade faithful conversion for modern systems? Arcade Archives for Switch would be awesome, but no news on neither of these options at this point.

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I wouldn't mind an ACA release of the original arcade version. Though unless i'm mistaken, you may have to stick with MAME (or other arcade emulator) if you want to play the pure, original version.

Space Invaders Deluxe is quite good, but yes, as you said it's not the original and adds a bunch to the gameplay. Definitely recommended though.

For me, if you want the absolute best SI home release, that's as close to the arcade original, get the Atari 2600 version. A lot of SI fans even agree that it's far superior to the original — there's an absolute insane amount of game-varieties and the slight changes to the game (difficulty options, and it's in color! LOL) are an improvement.

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@the_shpydar Yeah, the problem is I'd like to try the original, and maybe the best option would be Taito Legends compilation, because I understand that its emulation is based on MAME.

Atari 2600 port may have been great back in the day, but let's face it: just looking at pictures you can see it's not the same, right?

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I've heard the game boy version is an interesting one.

If you play it on a Super Gameboy, it becomes the arcade game.

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