Topic: Sony Fights Back: Jack Tretton Defends the PS3

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Namo wrote:

Don't know why Sony's getting all happy over sales. The console's just gonna get over-saturated with shooters just like the 360.

And do you think Sony cares? Or any developers? No.
As long as they get money,they will not care.

Also,look at it from their point of view,if your console was selling alot,wouldn't you be happy? no?

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@Sean.... I didnt even reply to that statement. Why would any company hope they dont have increased sales? To question why Sony is happy about increased sales is just absurd to say it nicely. What Nintendo wants there sales to drop or any company for that matter, or even better maybe Nintendo is mad that they have the highest selling current console. Maybe our logics are completely wrong man.

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Okay, you're free to believe there's no sense in the concept of a physical controller being essential to smooth gameplay. You can even assert that it makes no sense to build expectations based on currently available knowledge using rational thought. It doesn't make you right.

Of course, it's too early to know for SURE how the Arc vs. Natal thing will turn out. I SHOULD have said I believe Arc will most LIKELY be superior, instead of using the absolute wording. My bad there. With that straightened out, can we agree that what I've said makes at least SOME sense?

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To be honest, I'm a little apprehensive about both motion controllers. I can see both Sony and Microsoft supporting them for 6 months and then forgetting about them. E3 should provide more insight, so I guess we'll have to wait.

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