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Interesting video assuming everything in here is correct

-Originally Sony was the one with the Sonic film rights
-In 2016, Tim Miller and Blur (His production company) became attached to the project
-Sega gave Blur plenty of creative control
-In late 2017, Sony stopped funding the film, but allowed Blur to keep what they had already developed for the Sonic movie and set up shop with another studio
-Paramount seems to have picked up the Sonic film in hopes that Sonic could become a movie franchise
-Other than Dr. Robotnik and Sonic, in the inital cut the only other references to the Sonic franchise were using the iconic rings as a transportation device, and references to level names and iconography
-Owls were (are?) a major element of the film
_Studio Execs were worried after negative test screenings that the film was too much of it's own thing, instead of feeling like an adaption of the video games.
-Post production alledgely brought in more references to the games (with the final shot of Robotnik in the trailer being from post production)
-Sega is not happy with the movie
-Their single biggest issue with the new Sonic design is how Sonic's eyesdon't look anything like Sonic's normal design.

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Let's hope it's for the best, then!



The smartest decision. Best thing is to delay it so the vfx artists won't be overworked. Even if the movie is overall cringy, I'll be giving them my money just for listening to criticism.

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I was just watching the film theory on it. Most realistic sonic yet



The important thing is will Sega have more control over the design this time? Or will the designers pay more attention to Sonic original design now? IF so, then which design? 90's, 00's, or 10's design?

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The trailer was so different from the Sonic games it was kind of crazy. The United States exists in the movie but not the games. Sonic said he had to save "your" planet, implying he is an alien or something. And there's not even an indication in the trailer as to what Sonic has to save the planet from.



I see an even bigger problem. Here's what the trailer might be telling us:

1. Sonic is an alien or whatever come to earth
2. Sonic short-circuits half the country, causing the government to investigate
3. They hire Dr. Robotnik (or Kintobor, we don't know) to take this "thing" down
4. Sonic resists being captured, causing Robotnik (or Kintobor) to go insane and destroy everything while trying to take down Sonic
5. This means Sonic has to take down Robotnik (or Kintobor,) who is now the enemy.

In short, may actually be Sonic the real enemy, and Robotnik (or Kintobor) is simply trying to do his job. And somehow the tables get turned.


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