Topic: Sonic adventure coming to XBLA? Maybe even PSN and VC?

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Interesting...but it said Sonic Adventure DX--that's a Gamecube game.

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The Actual Possibility of it Happening At All: Yes because Sega wants to make people pay them for doing nothing and they want people to be hyped for Sonic 4: Ep. 1, which will probably be average at best (for me anyway).

XBLA: Definitely. Crazy fanboys will always pay more just to get the same thing.
PSN: Maybe, maybe not. It's more leaning towards the first option.
VC: No. Not because people won't pay for it (because they WILL), but because of the limitations of any download-able game on the Wii Shop Channel.

P.S. As for the video, there's something called "Photoshop". You might want to check out how powerful of a photo editing tool it is.

EDIT: In the video, it says that Sonic Adventure is free (which won't happen in a million years knowing Sega) and that there's an extend pack (which, again, won't happen knowing Sega). Teh factoids are a powerzful source.

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Perhaps this video isn't real, but the standing likelihood that Sonic Adventure DX is set to release on download for XBLA (at the very least) remains, as it did BEFORE this video was made. It looks to me like it IS going to happen, one way or the other. As for what systems it'll be on overall, I'm with V8 Ninja.

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If it's true, I hope they don't waste this opportunity and actually try to work the kinks out of it instead of adding more.

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it looks like it says it's free. (could be fake)

But I would definitely get it if it came out.

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i dont care cause it got dx adventure 2 battle and sonic heroes, as well as gems collection and i feel retarted for selling mega collection. guess im gonna have to get ultimate genesis collection!

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I don't really like Sonic Adventure. I'll wait for Sonic 4.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


I already have the game on the GC (I love this game) so I probably won't get it, but I'm interested nonetheless.


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I'll buy it if it comes out on XBLA or PSN. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were Sonic's best 3D games. I like everything about Sonic Adventure 1 except for the horrible Big stages. Let's hope Sonic Adventure 2 comes to XBLA or PSN too!

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Sorry to double post, but I thought I might want to share tha... Since this is a port of the GCN version, I wonder if it will include the Game Gear games and Metal Sonic. Shame that there are no enchancements though, I hope Sonic Adventure 2 has at least online multiplayer if it comes to XBLA! I wonder how the Chao Garden will work in this XBLA port?



@those who think this is inaccurate because it is "free"

A lot of XBLA games have a similar screen to the one pictured before launch, but not available to the public. I think this is some sort of thing for games in development or whatever to be tested by their makers easier. Would you charge your employees to test the game they're helping to make and/or test?



"No-Frills Port" huh? I'm definitely not getting it then

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well I have the Gamecube version. It won't come to the VC or Wiiware cause it's too big, but XBL & PSN I could see. But since I have it already I can play it on my Wii I have no reason to get it even if it does come out there.

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