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So anyone here play fighting games and if so do you play Skullgirls. It's my game of choice right now and it so very hype. It's got a fun community thats really tight knit. Grab your fight stick and get it today!!

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This is a great game, Great art style, amazing music, well balanced and diverse roster, a great tutorial for beginners, and even on my potato laptop it runs incredibly smooth. Best 15 bucks ever spent.
I like all the jazzy music especially.

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This is a great game, but I have it on PS3. I don't play online, but the singleplayer is hard enough, it'll give me hours of butt kickings even without a real person.

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Ah~ I loved this game, but I only have it for the 360, I am a big fan of fighting games.

Even though the roster was a little small I really enjoyed it, Love my Peacock. But I was not a fan of Valentine as far as play wise mostly because everyone uses her. Painwheel was a great character with a great background and story.

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I had it on PS3. I loved it until I played online and realized the game is really about ridiculously long combos that do way too much damage to be considered reasonably balanced. After a certain length of time, combos make a game more a solitaire display of skill, with your opponent's only defense being not to get hit on that first hit, and less a back and forth like fighting games of old. Fun to play offline still, but on the rare occasion I play video games at home with my friends, we tend to play Nintendo.

I liked playing Valentine/Parasol together. Valentine's super move cut scene somehow never gets old.

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