Topic: Should I get Scribblenauts on Steam Sale?

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i am a UK gamer and I have been waiting for this game for Wii U but it has never appeared. It is currently at £3.74 on the Steam sale. I want to support Nintendo but the delays are annoying, especially when the advertised problem was in game text. That is a month delay at the latest.

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I say go for it, at this rate to be honest I doubt it will ever come to Europe. And £3.74 is basically nothing these days.

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Yup, for sure! The best Scribblenauts game so far, easily, IMO. I'm pretty sure the PC version is supposed to be better than the Wii U version, also.

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@Trikeboy - Thanks for bringing this sale to my attention. Downloading as I am typing this. I would like to have this on a Nintendo console but the wait is getting a bit ridiculous now. It's not like I am not spending enough money on Nintendo products anyways.

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I was a bit dissapointed with Scribblenauts Unlimited, so I'm glad I only spent £5 on it during a steam sale. It's too easy.

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If you want the game, definitely go for it.
I wouldn't recommend the game personally, but if you want it Steam's the best place to get it.

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I'm looking forward to DC Scribblenauts.

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£3.74 for the PC version of Scribblenauts Unlimited probably belongs in a Guinness World Record Book for the world's best deal.


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