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I'd have to say (for the Legend of Zelda series) the game over music from Twilight Princess.

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Not really sad but awesome.


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You should rename this thread saddest music in video games or something so we can post sad music from other games as well.

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@Viewtiful_Joe: good idea, done and done. :3

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Anything from a Sony game is pretty sad. my pants.


Illusion of Gaia - Will's Dream

Terranigma - Elle

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon - To All People


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Most depressing Game Over music in a Nintendo game right here. It's what failure should sound like. Never looked forward to it when playing as a kid.
Donkey Kong Country: Game Over



Aqueous wrote:


No doubt about it

HadukroPUNCH= awesome battle cry


Nobody knows - Tales of Symphonia (game over theme)

Standing the pain - Tales of Symphonia

Water symphony~despair - Tales of Symphonia

Serious - Tales of the Abyss

Wish and sadness - Tales of the Abyss

Mirrors - Tales of the Abyss

Sad memory - Tales of the world: Radiant mythology (boss theme)

The other promise - Kingdom hearts 2 (boss theme)

Who am I - Kingdom hearts 358/2 days

Vector to the heavens - Kingdom hearts 358/2 days (boss theme)

Amnesia - The world ends with you

Reminiscence~classroom trial - Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney

Recollection~SL9 incident - Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney

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how do you post vids?

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That Majora's Mask theme is a real goosebumper. I can't get over it

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Take your pick:

Secret of Mana - Now Flightless Wings
Robotrek - A Long Time Ago....
Illusion of Gaia - Will's Dream
The 7th Saga - Quiet Ruins
Breath of Fire (SNES) - Alan and Cerl
EVO Search for Eden - Extinction

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