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Those aren't two interpretations of the same piece of news; if Game Informer are to be believed, then two fighting games are currently in development, both pitting the stars of Namco against the stars of Capcom.

Note these are fighting games, not a continuation of the old Namco x Cappcom RPG title that appeared on the previous hardware generation. Why two games? Simple: each company makes one! Capcom would be developing Capcom vs Namco, built on the Street Fighter IV engine, while Namco will develop Namco vs Capcom, which will run on the Tekken 6 engine.

As fighting game fans are already no doubt coming to grips with, this would mean two significantly different games, Street Fighter IV's 2D arenas contrasted nicely with Tekken's more three-dimensional combat.

GI say that Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono is handling Capcom's side of the deal, while it's expected Namco Bandai's Katsuhiro Harada will be in charge of the opposing project.

If this information is good - and there have certainly been strong hints to suggest it is - then the two games' debut trailers will be shown this weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con.

I hope its true. I love Street Fighter and I like Tekken. I won't mind if each company's characters gameplay is changed beyond recognition from their original game to fit in line with the other game's style. If Ryu loses his fireball in Namco's version then fine. If Jin can throw fireballs in Capcom's version then fine. It would be understandable that their would be complaints if only one game was produced but two; well thats good news for everyone. If you're a purist for one game then you don't have to play the other game. One game mixing both companies gameplay into one wouldn't work. It would require years of fine-tuning to get that done properly.

Best to think of these games as a sequel to their respective series but with a lot of brand new characters to their own franchise.

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Pacman vs. Ryu.


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I would end up buying both copies lol. I love both Street Fighter and Tekken and I like both of there playing styles for each game. I wouldnt be happy with just the Capcom version or the Namco one.

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Yeah that's very strange. Not a catchy name at all by any means either.

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Darn, I was hoping for Pacman vs. Servbot. Only Street Fighter and Tekken characters are still good though.

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I call Klonoa as playable PLZ or Sophia
as for Capcom... I want Phoenix Wright or Leon

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Its only Street Fighter and Tekken characters.
I don't think we're going to see any Pac-man or Mege Man

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Yeah JumpMad is right. It's called Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter not Capcom x Namco or Namco x Capcom (I'm pretty sure they've already make a game about that, but was only released in Japan), so no Pac Man vs. Mega Man or whatever.

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I would've preferred: Namco X Capcom.

Seriously. That cuts out the chances of:
Dante (Devil May Cry)
Rick (Splatterhouse)
and any person from Soul Calibur.

What a disappointing decision.

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Kingbuilder wrote:

I would've preferred: Namco X Capcom.

Seriously. That cuts out the chances of:
Dante (Devil May Cry)
Rick (Splatterhouse)
and any person from Soul Calibur.

What a disappointing decision.

Actually Yoshimitsu from Soul Caliber will be there.

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I'd rather have the rumored Capcom Vs. Namco and vice versa games.


@Kingbuilder I think the major problem with Namco Vs Capcom/Capcom Vs Namco would be Namco's lack of fighting-type characters who aren't from Tekken. They really only have Soul Calibur left to fill the roster, unless they include joke characters like the Point Blank guys or something. That's not to mention a lot of their games aren't well-known in the west anyway due to their limited console or arcade releases.

Tekken's cast is plenty large to compete with Street Fighter's so I think it's the best way for them to create a balanced roster. This is more like X-Men Vs Street Fighter than Marvel Vs Capcom - the battle of series rather than companies.

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Also Tekken is a straight hand to hand fighting game like Street Fighter. YOu would probably have some people complain that having Soul Caliber characters gives them a unfair advantage against SF or Tekken characters cause they have weapons. Than you would have the exact opposite if you were to take away their weapons, people saying that its unfair caused they are weapon fighters not hand to hand. They would probably have to do something like Soul Caliber vs Samurai Showdown to give the Soul Caliber people a fair fight.

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just, hypothetically, what do you guys think would be the chances of a three-way joint project? this looks cool (though, another title i'll miss out on due to the lack of an HD console in my possession), but i (and millions of other gamers) would flip my lid if they announced a Street Fighter x Tekken x Mortal Kombat game. just think about the possibilities. especially if they used that to bring MK back to a respected position in the fighting genre.

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Personally I would love to see it but I dont know Mortal Kombat seems to super natural to fit in the same universe as SF and Tekken. It is a cool idea but I dont think it would happen unless all three parties agree upon it. And now with the MK license owned by Warner Bros I really dont see that happening.

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Well, the Marvel Vs Capcom series did start with X-Men Vs Street Fighter afterall...



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