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Topic: Resident Evil 6 announced 11/20/12

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any1 else doing the RE 6 event? Its for Xbox360/PS3 & PC players.
Extermination Tactics 2:08.30.2013 04:00:00 - 09.05.2013 04:00:00
-3m creature kills across all players.(i think its 1m for xbox players & just 1 kill for PC players)
-The killcount is the total number of "Enemies Routed" displayed on the results screens during the event period.
*All Creatures as displayed in the Enemy List are counted.
-In the event of a tie, players are awarded the same rank.
-Only enemies routed in the Campaign will count.

  • No difficulty setting limits.
  • No single / multiplayer limits.

I've gotten 1st on 1 event before and also gotten 2nd/3rd but i have yet to get 1st a second time. Gonna be grinding Leon chapter 5 for kills ^_^

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