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Hello, world. I saw the latest AVGN and noticed the game console that I have never heard of, ever. I heard of the Tiger Game.Com from Classic Game Room and Wikipedia, but the R-Zone was something that blew my mind. I couldn't believe it. It was like a 3D Game & Watch that you could bring anywhere, and the screen would always be in front of your eyes. (actually, one eye since you'd have to go cross eyed or play with one eye if you'd like to see what you're player) The best part is the strap that the Virtual Boy didn't have. I couldn't tell whether it was a bad or good review.

Did anyone own an R-Zone before? Did you like it? How do you feel about it when you first heard of it, whether or not you had one?

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I think my brother had an R-Zone along with this Batman game for it though I don't remember ever playing it myself.

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oh yeah. 3 of my friends actually matched funds and bought this for a 4th friend or his birthday in like 4th grade. It was horrific. Good times, good times.

Seriously though, it was terrible. It was pretty much those LCD panel, animates-like-an-old-watch games.

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Wait there is a new AVGN? Been waiting for a new for a few months now.

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I saw this episode and just had to see the commercials. Then I saw a related video for "Commercials in TBS Danger Area" then I saw a related video for worst video game commercials, then another video came up this time 10 best Atari commercials, then I saw 10 best NES commercials, then I saw some Pokemon commercials, and somehow the related videos showed the first pokemon opening so I saw that, and then I start watching videos of childhood show's openings.
Curse AVGN. He seriously is take me back to the past.


Man seeing that episode really brought back memories. I remember having a bunch of those watches. I had a relative who knew that I was into Nintendo growing up so every birthday and Christmas they would get me one of those watches. I remember I would play them once and than throw them into a drawer where they stayed until I moved out of my parents house and I gave them all to Goodwill. I also remember the hand held Tiger games too. My friends had them mainly the Mega Man 2 one and the Double Dragon one and a Sonic one. Never knew that they made a Full House one lol. I remember the Game.Com too. Never got that one or even touched it but I remember Gamestop selling them. As for the R Zone I dont remember that one at all.

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Watching the episode I was waiting for AVGN to mention both the Game.Com and the R-Zone. I've heard before how terrible they were, but seeing them in action was just cringeworthy. It actually made me appreciate the Virtual Boy, because at least it's not the R-Zone.

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Tasuki wrote:

Wait there is a new AVGN? Been waiting for a new for a few months now.

Yes, his review was about Tiger Electronics.

If you don't know, it was a company probably memorable to most people who were gaming in the early '90s. They turned out a ton of cheap single-game portable units that were like Game & Watch except they sucked because they tried to do more complex gameplay than a G&W could handle. Like Sonic 1/2 and Street Fighter II. (I was a SNES kid, so I hadn't played the real Sonic 1 for Genesis aside from the Green Hill Zone on demo kiosks, so when I played the Tiger version I had no idea what was going on in the Labyrinth Zone and why I was dying for no reason.)
And they ripped off the Virtual Boy before they ripped off the Game Boy.

And why does this thread not yet have the obligatory commercial link?

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