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So I am located in the EU Bulgaria. I want to order a game that is from the US region.

The current issue is that Diablo 3 for PS4 has a day one patch for the EU region while the US has the 10gb patch on the disc.

So when purchasing US games from play-asia there are no customs like purchasing directly from the US?

Anyone with similar experience please share some info on the matter.

Thanks in advance!!!



Last time I used Playasia, it added customs charge at checkout. That was buying from Hong Kong though, not the US.

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I created account and added Diablo 3 Eternal Collection US region to my cart and the economy shipping is €6.34.

I just wonder if there are custom taxes or it is coming from Hong Kong (or anywhere from Asia) as I know there are no customs for things delivered from there. Only from the US.

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Also do you guys know if they sell authentic products. After all it is Asia and Hong Kong is know to be manufacturing counterfeits.



I honestly would stay away from Play Asia they are a bunch of crooks. I ordered a PS4 controller from them 3 years ago and still haven't received it. I contacted them and according to them they sent it and because of that they refused to give me a refund. Took me a bit but I finally got my money back but I will never do business with them again.and warn others not to.

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I've bought about 4 things from them and they're always genuine.

You always risk problems like Tasuki mentions with international companies though. You probably have less protection for refunds and things like that.

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From what I've heard, it's usually fine, but if you run into problems (such as never receiving your purchase) they're hard to get resolved.

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