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V8+Ninja wrote:

You found it...IN A BUSH?!?! I know that most games on the PSP are bad, but man, that's just too cruel. Who would do such a thing to a handheld?

You didn't see the wallpaper it had at the time or the console nickname

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Terranigma wrote:

Dicesukeinuzuka wrote:

it might be because the battery is hacked or something like that, I can't get anything to work on my PSP related to PSN, which sucks.

What do you mean that the battery is hacked, and how can you tell?

Well, I to tell you the truth, I don't really know how to tell, certain things don't work if your PSP is hacked, for example I tried to log into my PSN account on my PSP and it said it required a system update, but the thing is that it was already at the highest version. Also I tried remote play and it didn't work either.
BTW Is there anything on you PSP?

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Well, I do have the latest update, and the only things I've imported onto the PSP are some themes from the store.

I've fixed it now. I forgot to activate the system under my PSN account settings. Thanks for the help though Dicesukeinuzuka

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Try updating the PSP and see if it solves the problem, if it doesn't format the Memory Stick (from the PSP settings you can do that)

EDIT: I see it's fixed now lol

PS: A hacked PSP never has the latest firmware update, the hacked firmwares are always older (i.e. vulnerable ones). Hacking for homebrew isn't that wrong, for piracy, it's what has killed the PSP.

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