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Wi-Fi model: $249.99
Wi-Fi + 3G model: $299.99

Could we see a 3DS price drop by this holiday? Hmm...
On the bright side, we haven't seen what Nintendo has in store for us yet..

Also, Bioshock is on it.

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Yeah this was pretty shocking. I wonder if Nintendo anticipated this! They are gonna have to have some pretty spectacular software to compete with Sony's press conference. 3DS online and connectivity needs to be pushed hard.


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YoungSpice wrote:

Also, Bioshock is on it.

They merely said they were bringing a game to the PS Vita that fit in with the Bioshock brand.

I'm think the price is pretty fair, considering that they could have charged much more.


Yep, The Vita pretty much crapped all over the 3DS. And this is coming from a guy who really likes his 3DS.
The graphics are on par with the PS3, the lineup of games is already ridiculously good, and the online is (obviously) much more robust. 3DS better come out swingin' tomorrow.

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I expect to see a sharp price drop during the holidays. I love Nintendo and I love my 3DS, but if a Playstation Vita is going to be the same price as one, I just don't see them being able to compete.

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there needs to be a pricecut for the holidays or nintendo will loose many potential 3DS-buyers

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Yup. Price cut imminent, IMHO.

Put your analyst on danger money, baby.


I might actually ask for the Vita for Christmas now. Or wait a while and let the price drop even more. I guess I'll see; my PSP is still quite new.


This is kinda pissing me off, lol.



At least a 100 dollar price drop. For cereal.
I dunno what else to say

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WaltzElf wrote:

Sony just whipped Nintendo.

I honestly predict this to be the first time that Nintendo is beaten in a handheld generation. As much as I like the 3DS, the Vita is a better console in every way imaginable.

As far as tech and hardware goes, I agree 100%. I'd still take the 3DS's potential game selection over the Vita's though.

And yeah, Nintendo screwed us on the price, but I'll bet that Sony will be taking a loss on their system sales.

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Yep, Nintendo is definitely in trouble.



A very good idea would be a price drop right around the release date of the Vita. The 3DS is priced at a premium after all. On the other hand it's pretty much a guarantee that Sony can't take a price hit that early in the game.

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We'll see how things go down this holiday (if its out by then). Everyone claimed how much better the PSP was than the original DS and how it was gonna wipe the floor with it but things went quite the opposite way.

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They're obviously losing money on it. Maybe Nintendo will make better games now.



Nintendo has to be sweating right now, at least a little. I've always scoffed at Sony's handhelds, but this Vita contraption is seriously friggin' impressive; plus, let's face it, the 3DS sales have not been great.

Then again, Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Metal Gear, Paper Mario and Mario Kart are all in the pipeline. It's going to be an interesting show

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