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I never drive faster than I can see. Besides, it's all in the reflexes.

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Somebody lock this topic and get Cobalt banned from the forums and possbily NintendoLife. Seriously, this has gone far enough and it needs to stop. Cobalt is a troll and Anti-Nintendo User who thinks his opinions are facts which they're not.



@Alantor28 That seems a bit over the top.

While I don't know why he feels the need to make the same complaint over and over again I think banning should be reserved for only the most extreme cases.

As for the topic, I don't know what to say. You clearly wish Nintendo created a tv console only but they didn't and that meant they were never going to match the others. There was never a possibility they could have matched the others regardless of what technology they used as long as they went with the hybrid console concept. Even if they had put HW in the dock it would have been messy because they docked mode would have been way more powerful than portable (harder to develop for) and much more expensive (the switch isn't exactly a cheap system to make, again because of it's hybrid / portable concept). It's kind of pointless to keep bringing up the difference in power over and over again.



@Alantor28 I think I've told you before to stop doing this. On top of that, why did you even dig the thread back up if you want it locked? Anyway, if you think someone is not behaving according to the community rules, use the report button.



First of all the guy in the video is totally full of poocalling AMD low quality in the past.... before intel i series processors came out, gamers chose AMD because they had better performing technologies.

Nintendo using Nvidia over AMD is not a bad thing.. and depending on what GPU's are used in the next consoles, Nintendo having an Nvidia partnership might even be a great thing.

Xbox and Sony didn't necessarily choose AMD because AMD is able to provide better technology... they chose AMD because AMD provides better price points than Nvidia and they need to minimize console production costs.

Whats interesting is Nvidia is just releasing their new Turing architecture with ray tracing and we have yet to see how well ray tracing plays out and what AMD is going to release. Supposedly AMD has been working on ray tracing for a while now too, and I expect the new cards will have the capability and I also expect Sony and Microsoft want their new consoles to have the capability.

Nvidia has been really shady in pursuing new graphics technologies, trying to be first to the market and monopolize these technologies even though AMD cards are capable of utilizing these effects.

Idk, im just interested to see what happens.

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