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So we're a little over a couple of months away from the launches on the PS4 and Xbox One in November. I've looked at the threads around here for both and they both seem fairly active. So I figured I start a thread taking a look at everyone's choices to start out with this fall or in the future. I'd rather this thread not become a flame war between fanboys, but if it does I guess it comes with the territory.

For me at least I'm very undecided at the moment, with a slight lean towards the PS4. I say this because of the fact that while Microsoft has more games overall that I'm interested in that are exclusive and a dear friend of mine is buying a One so I would have to buy it to play with him, they don't seem to quite have the big killer app for me. I think Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct (Even with the 8 character and DLC BS) look like great fun as launch titles and Titanfall looks awesome as well. Ryse has some potential I suppose, but at the same time quicktime events constantly seems to be a bit of a turn off. Finally Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break are two games that have piqued my interest, but I've barely seen anything of them to make a judgement on them. So overall there would be 3 games I would enjoy early on with the system and I would be able to play with friends, but none of them stand out as I HAVE to play this except for maybe Titanfall. It doesn't help the past year has been a PR nightmare for Microsoft and leaves me concerned about their future even with the games they have lined-up for the system. Add that on top of the fact that exclusive wise Microsoft doesn't have the best of track records and my friends choices on consoles have become closer to 50/50 and we have quite a bit of uncertainty for the Xbox One.

Moving on to Sony's console it seems to me the main problem is that there isn't exactly a whole lot of exclusives headed to the system. I think Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son are big selling points for the system that are more attractive individual titles then any of those for the Xbox One. Beyond that there is pretty much nothing. The Order: 1886 falls into the same category as Quantum Break in that it looks interesting, but I've seen next to nothing of it to make a judgment on the game. Driveclub and Knack don't seem particularly interesting either thus I'm left with just 2 games I can say I'm looking forward to at the launch of the PS4. However Sony has a ton of studios that consistently have great exclusive output, so that's always a big thing to consider as well.

For those reasons I'm leaning towards a PS4. I think the majority of games I want to buy are actually multi-plats with games like Watch Dogs and Destiny being the games that I'm just as excited about as some of the exclusives. I will buy both consoles eventually, but I feel like I need time to breathe in between the buying of the consoles so I can enjoy one at a time and for the fact that unless I buy next to nothing for the next 4 months and just save money could I buy both consoles with maybe 3-4 games across the both of them.



I'm going to buy up the Xbox One first then maybe few years down the road get a PS4 - Dayman
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Ah, what are you buying on Xbox One just out of curiosity? I think the thing that kills me the most when it comes to buying a PS4 over an Xbox One is the fact that part of my friends are getting the Xbox One which means if I want to play with them I have to buy an Xbox One and whatever multi-plats that they are playing. I hated getting stuck between friends this generation because one friend bought it for one console and the other bought it for the other console.



PS4. /thread

well actually a PS3 first because taking advantage of soon to be last gen's inevitable cheaper and cheaper prices shall be fun and the old PS1/2 releases will be my friend

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I'll wait until I see some comparison videos. Unlike others, I'm actually really interested in the multimedia capabilities of both machines. Then there's the controllers.

Although, to be perfectly frank, if I were to get one at launch, I'd go for the Xbox One. The launch lineup has a lot of stuff that really interests me, with the likes of Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Lococycle, Crimson Dragon, Watch Dogs, Need for Speed Rivals, and Ryse (if it turns out to be good). That's more stuff than I could afford, which has never happened to me on a system launch before. Plus, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break hold lots of promise, especially since they're coming from some very good studios. And then there's Titanfall, which looks absolutely amazing. Plus, all the non-exclusive stuff will still be there too, like Watch Dogs, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and the like.

The PS4 seems to be lacking in hard-hitting exclusives in my eyes. I've never been too keen on Sony's franchises in the first place outside of Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and God of War. I've always found Killzone to be second-rate, and Infamous never clicked with me. Knack looks like a spiritual successor to games like Crash Bandicoot, and since I really never liked those games that much, I don't know how much I'd like that. The Order looks really cool, though, and I've liked the games that Ready at Dawn have put out. Other then that, Sony seems more focused on getting indies on board. That's nice and all, but I don't know if that's what I want for the first year.

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I plan on waiting for awhile but it will be a PS4 when the time comes.

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if I get the money and the WiiU ends not getting many good games(but it hopefully will) I'll go with the PS4...

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Xbox One, although I don't think I'm going to pick it up at launch. I'll probably wait for the library to build a bit and then scoop one up (possibly after a price cut).

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PS4, pre-ordered it almost as soon as possible. I can't wait for Second Son. Sony still has a lot of big studios with unanounced games too.

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If I were to buy one of the two I would go with the PS4.

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Ughh... the more I think about it the harder this decision becomes. Especially when the $600 I would have to shell out for an Xbox One and a couple of games isn't exactly easy to get, but at the same time I want to be the first to own all 3 consoles of my friends to give a nice variety to next generation. Though last year I did get a Wii U and a new TV which more or less wiped me out and left little to no attention towards further Wii U purchases or anything else I wanted that was coming out/on sale at that time. So I don't know if I want to go through that again!



Wii U. Then a PS3. Then, years down the road, a PS4. Unless the PS4 somehow gains actual backwards compatibility at some point in the future, in which case I'd get a PS4 way sooner. There are just too many good PS3 games I want to play to worry about the more expensive next-gen option.

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8BitSamurai wrote:

No contest, Xbox One


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WildTwinVikings wrote:

8BitSamurai wrote:

No contest, PS4


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Outside of Dead Rising, nothing on the Xbox interests me. PS4 for Infamous, Killzone, Knak and whatever ND and MM's projects are.

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Yeah it's this console launch that is making me realize just how much my gaming hobby costs. $1000 if you want to buy both consoles, an extra $300 if you want to properly enjoy them (2 games each plus live/plus memberships). As for multi-platforms at the moment I'm very undecided of what I want to buy. I'd rather wait for the reviews of most of the games before I buy them. As good as Watch Dogs has looked for the past two years I'm still not sure on it, COD: Ghosts I need to wait to buy until I figure out if I'll own both or not then decide which version and a review couldn't hurt, Battlefield 4 needs to have a decent campaign before I drop money on it unlike Battlefield 3, and Destiny looks fun and Bungie has a remarkable track record, but again a review would be very nice. Definitely interesting to see how big of a role third parties are playing in next generation honestly.

Also anyone else just very curious about Knack. It doesn't exactly look like a $60 game to be honest and with a supposedly 12 hour campaign doesn't help much. It doesn't look amazing, but as I watch more of it, it seems to capture me and with Sony pushing it as one of their big PS4 games I feel like it might actually be something more... Or maybe it's just a piece of crap that Sony wants to try to capture someone younger with. Who knows, but at the moment I really want it to turn out good...

Edit: It's worth pointing out that I had a similar reaction to the Wonderful 101 when I first saw that at E3 2012 and after playing the demo I think the game is brilliant, but then again that is Platinum Games we're talking about, but it's what comes to mind when I think of Knack, the same feeling.

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All three.

Going to probably go
Xbox One-Wii U-PS4

tbh i'm not sure yet. All three look great.

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