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Pretty cool stuff if your in Son'y ecosystem or planned to buy both.

History on Remote play

Remote Play is a software feature of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles that allows users to transmit via data feeds audio/video rendering of the game from those consoles to the portable consoles PlayStation PSP, PS Vita and newly announced PS Vita TV. Envisioned as a perfect way to take your home gaming outside stationary limits of your home TV, Remote Play was first introduced in 2006 with PS3 and PSP consoles. Sadly optional nature of this service, technical hurdles that were arose because both systems did not have dedicated hardware for its perfect use, low focus of Sony to make it more popularized and technical limitation of the worldwide infrastructure left Remote Play as relatively unknown service for years.

Arrival of PS Vita enabled Sony to make Remote Play little better (higher streaming resolution, better lag in few specially supported games), but all the advantages of modern hardware inside of Vita did not manage to fix the problems that were present in PS3. Library of officially supported PS3 Remote Play games never passed number of 40 titles, but from the start, all PS1 games that were emulated on PS3 were Remote Play ready.

Finally, arrival of PlayStation 4 makes the almost decade long vision of Remote Play into reality. With special hardware that can effortlessly save and encode video streams, and Vita that can easily decode it on the fly, Remote Play became standard feature of the PS4 OS, being available to be used on all non-camera or motion based games. Whether if you are in your home but unable to access your TV, or if you are away from home but in presence of fast Wi-Fi, you can access your PS4 console via PS Vita or PS Vita TV and control it OS, multimedia, friend list, store, apps and off course games. All of that will be transmitted to you least amount of lag possible (*large amount of lag is possible when using Remote Play via external network), taking full advantage from Sony hardware and software help from Gaikai.


Q: Tell me very quickly, what is PS4 Remote Play?
A: Remote Play transforms your PS4 into your own local cloud gaming server that can be accessed by Vita and Vita TV, both at home and when you are away.

Q: Will Remote Play be avaiable on PS4 launch?
A: Yes.

Q: What PS4 games can I play with Remote Play?
A: Almost all of them! Only motion/camera based games are not supported.

Q: Will complete PSN catalogue of PS1 games again be offered via Remote Play?
A: Unknown, but highly possible.

Q: How about PS3 games?
A: PS4 does not have PS3 emulator, for both disc-based and downloadable PSN games. Selection of “critically acclaimed” PS3 games will be offered via cloud gaming service Gaikai in NA territories during 2014.

Q: Remote Play on PS3 used lower resolutions (270p on PSP or 480p on Vita). Will PS4 offer better image quality?
A: Yes. Vita will receive video in its full native resolution of 544p and Vita TV in 720p.

Q: Is Remote Play stream quality good?
A: On Vita is great, but on VitaTV you will be able to spot compression and upscaling artifacting (journalist described it like "watching 1080p YouTube video on your big HDTV).

Q: Can I use my PS4 with Remote Play like my Wii U, totally without HDTV?
A: Yes… HOWEVER you need to attach PS4 to TV with HDMI port once for its first boot, setting up of accounts and pairing up PS4 and Vita. After that you can fully control PS4 with Vita or Vita TV.

Q: Is Remote Play laggy in home conditions?
A: We don’t have precise measurements yet, but so far it looks to work great.

Q: Is Remote Play laggy when playing away from home via Internet?
A: Lag outside home will be impacted by the quality of Internet infrastructure, distance from your home, and quality of WiFi in the place you want to establish Remote Play connection. Comprehensive testing of this type of Remote Play connection will be performed after PS4 launch. At lower distances (up to 10km), additional lag should be acceptable in good conditions (non-crowded router at the end).

Q: Can I hotspot my 4G connection with smartphone and connect Vita to that WiFi network?
A: Yes, but don’t expect low lag.

Q: How is PS4 Remote Play combating latency?
A: Integrated PS4 hardware for fast video encoding, fast controller data transfer from Vita, fast video decoding by Vita, minimal display lag from Vita screen (large amount of gameplay latency on home consoles comes from HDTV displays), and software techniques provided by Gaikai (both on PS4 and Vita end).

Q: What additional gear (routers, modems, cables, access points) do I need to use Remote Play at home?
A: Nothing! PS4, Vita and Vita TV have their own Wi-Fi modules for local wireless communication.

Q: I am an offline gamer (or my internet upload sucks), do I get to use Remote Play?
A: Yes. Remote Play is not requiring you to have Internet if you want to use it only in your home.

Q: Does Remote Play require PS+ subscription?
A: Nope.

Q: How can I make my Remote Play experience in home as best as possible?
A: Best tactic is to force PS4 to send RP data directly to your portable devices via its own integrated WiFi module. Don’t use home routers, but if you must, use those that support faster 802.11n transfer protocol.

Q: What’s the transmission distance of PS4’s Remote Play at home?
A: We don’t have tests, but 10m should be achievable even with 1 wall in between you and PS4.

Q: How fast upload speed do I need for my home internet connection to play Remote Play away from home?
A: Unknown for now. Possibly around 3-6 mbps.

Q: PS3 shuts down its main HDTV feed when Remote Play was active. Is the same true for PS4?
A: No. PS4 is keeping HDTV feed active while Vita or Vita TV are using Remote Play. Gameplay is mirrored on all devices.

Q: Does this mean that I can use Vita as controller even if I am gaming in front of my big HDTV?
A: Yes. However you first need to do initial setup of Remote Play with regular gamepad.

Q: Can I play PS4 couch coop game on more than one Vita via Remote Play?
A: Yes. Up to four Vitas can grab same gameplay feed from one PS4. All vitas can have their own PSN accounts.

Q: Can I play online multiplayer with Remote Play?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I wake up PS4 form sleep remotely via Vita or Vita TV?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I access my PS4 OS using Vita or Vita TV, browse livestreams of my friends and join in their multiplayer matches?
A: Yes.

Q: Enough with games. Will all OS features be streamed to my Vita and Vita TV?
A: The only things that will not work are some 3rd party apps whose developers don’t allow remote stream compatibility, also streaming multimedia or physical multimedia (Blu-Ray discs that are inserted in PS4 drive) that has strict digital protection.

Q: Enough with talk. Show me faked GIFs of PS4 games running on Vita!
A: No problem:

Some video of it happenng.

Seems pretty cool if you have 600 to burn.


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It's an amazing feature assuming it works well. Can't wait to try Killzone Shadow Fall while away from home


Neat feature, though I doubt many have 600 to "burn" (plus you didn't factor in games anyway )

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