Topic: PS4 Thief almost idecentical to the PC version.

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With the PS4 just months away a lot of people still wonder how big of a leap forwards is there going to be, i've read a lot of people saying there is not going to be a big step up from the PS3. We've already seen some games which still are in development, and they are impressive graphics wise. But the developer behind Thief say " yeah visually speaking, with the high-end PC and next-gen it's going to be really, really close, honestly.". And remember this is just the start of next gen games so games will only improve, for me i already knew there would be a step more than most people thought looking at the PS4 enhanced architecture.

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Yeah, I heard a who's who developer say it'll compare well with most PCs. Of course, most PCs aren't tip top of the mountain gaming rigs. I saw an HD clip of Final Fantasy on PS4... wow. This is only the beginning.

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