Topic: PS3s Struck Down in Worldwide Outage - PS3's Day of Doom, DONT TURN ON YOUR PS3!!!

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PS3 users the world over are reporting their consoles have been struck down by a mysterious series of bugs, leaving them unable to play games, connect to the PlayStation Network, or access save data.

However, the bug so far seemingly affects only older “fat” units.

A series of severe issues have so far been documented, summarised below:
The system’s date is reset to 2000/1/1.
The system can no longer connect to the Internet/PSN.
Local trophy data is lost.
Save data is lost.
Many games will no longer run offline or on.
At its most severe the machine will only return “error 8001050F.”
The bug only affects the pre-Slim models.

It is not clear whether the data loss is reversible at this stage.

The exact trigger is also unclear – machines have been affected globally, apparently even entirely offline units. Speculation has so far centred on PSN updates or a calendar bug. Sony has yet to issue any useful comment, though it says it is investigating.

The timing and nature of the bug has naturally also reminded some of the mythical “Sony timer” – how convenient it is that older models largely out of warranty are being broken whilst the PS3 Slim is unaffected and readily available as a replacement, their reasoning runs.

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I made a thread about this and its being discussed in the PS3 thread.

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how many times do you need to say PS3 in the title?

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The error only causes the clock to malfuction, which screws up your access to PSN. You can still play most of your disk games on the system, provided it doesn't pre-load trophies, you just won't have access to PSN until it gets fixed. Seriously, some people are blowing this way out of proportion. Just sit tight and wait for a fix. So you have to do something other than play something PS3 for a while, that surely isn't a sign of the End of Days.

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wait, why does the clock even go back to the year 2000 if the system came out in 2006?

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That really sucks...

Best thread ever
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To answer yalls questions.... the clock reset because there was a glitch in the internal calender because of leap year. That particlular model (1 of my 2 PS3s happen to be so I know from experience) for some reason thought that Mar 1,2010 was Feb 29,2010 and caused the PS3 to literally freak out, reseting the internal clock wich denied access to PSN.

PSN is what factors trophies and because of this most all trophy enabled games wouldnt work as well as all PSN titles and on my system PSone Classics. It was a glitch and all systems were effected differently. Some people lost there Save Games..... Demon Souls for some reason being a major one, wich is horrible because the game is not only great but insanely difficult and one guy I taked to lost 500+ hrs. The Data cant be backed up either as its locked from copying because of the nature of the game, people would steal saves and bust into others worlds in the game,etc.... read up on the game and you will understand, bottom of the line it sucks for those that lost saves.

It was a major fault on Sonys behalf nonetheless, but in less than 24hrs it was fixed and most didnt have any negative effect to the PS3 at all. Mine runs fine today like it never happened, though I did defrag and run a corruption check before I knew what happened and now my PS3 actually runs better lol. Bad deal but Sony stepped up and fixed it in no time.

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