Topic: PS3 Update v3.00 (Coming Soon)

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I can't wait for the update!!! I wasn't too happy about the "premium avatars" though. I don't want to pay for a cool avatar! Everything else is gonna be awesome though!

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I heard the update will be out next month Sept 9th or 10th!

Man i love the LBP Theme, its so cool and the way it moves too.

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September 1st according to some sources.

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Yeah I did. Sony did a good thing waiting until the right time to drop all this at once instead of at E3. In my opinion Sony just unleashed a bombshell on the gaming market. There is a whole lot a awesome in that little PS3 Slim frame for on $300 buck. Make the Wii look WAY overpriced now. I willing to bet DSiWare and a Wii price drop in all that was talked about today at Nintendo main headquaters.

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