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I've recently been playing some sports games for the PS3 with friends after having spent the last month or so playing 360 games. One thing I noticed since the switch back to PS3 is how flimsy the R2 and L2 buttons are. They feel like they are going to fall off every time I push them (my friends R2 button did fall off). Anyone else with more complaints of this controller, or know why they made it differently than the PS2 controller?

P.S. Sorry if anyone thinks this is a pointless topic, but I just don't see why Sony changed something that was possibly one of the greatest controllers ever made for home consoles. Even though it is just the R2 and L2.



It still is one of the worst controllers ever made for a home console, they just added actual triggers to R2 and L2, since those give a better feeling for shooter games and racing... they feel cheap, specially compared to the Xbox 360 controllers (which are very comfortable), but so far I haven't had bad experiences with any of them...

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I loved the PS2 controller, but felt the six axis was a step backwards. I don't know what it is, but it just feels...different. Maybe it's because I haven't spent a ton of time with them.

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I seem to be in a minority, but I hated the PS2 controller. It was well suited to fighting games but I don't really like fighting games so I just found the position of the joystick awkward to use. Being used to Nintendo systems, the shapes throw me off a bit I am much more comfortable with the 360 controller.

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I actually love the Sixaxis because im a huge racing game fanatic and therefore the trigger L2 and R2 are a great addition to the controller. As for shooters I know Killzone and CoD use the L1 and R1 as the aim and fire buttons for quicker shots being fired wich I prefer as well. I do like the Sixaxis and the 360 controller is the best shooter controller by way far. Sixaxis has the ultimate D Pad between the two systems though

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