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Hey guys, is this something that exists, and if so, can anyone name any good ones, preferably with some hot linkage? I'm not looking for something that let's me do auto-fire, and I'm not looking for an arcade pad. I'm looking for a controller similar in shape and layout to a normal controller, only one I can program X to be R2, etc. I found a bunch of arcade sticks with this feature and a bunch of normal controllers that look like it's just autofire or maybe programmable combos / input strings (but it's never clear).

My little brother got the new GTA, but he cannot press the shoulder buttons (I know this sounds odd, but the reason is unimportant), and the game for some reason does not offer the option to change the button config and does not even offer an optional control scheme based on the control scheme that got it through a bazillion other iterations. For those unfamiliar with the game, in past editions, you accelerated by pressing X. Now you use R2. So all he does is either walk around, or get in a car, then sit there and struggle with it until he's yanked out.

It is a bit frustrating for him and for us. No one likes to see someone struggle with something so simple and be unable to help. If anyone can point me to a controller that would solve this issue, you will have earned my eternal gratitude for at least five seconds.


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I didn't even think controllers that let you configure the controls on the controller existed.

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I am not entirely sure they do or I wouldn't be asking, but it seems like something that should exist, though maybe not officially recognized, like how people make converters to play Xbox with PS2 remotes.

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Would be a wonderful idea, though as of right now i haven't heard of any

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The only thing close to what you are asking for that I found is this

It looks like New Egg carries something similar

but it is out of stock now.

I will keep searching and if I find anything else I will post it.

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