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In short, everyone important left to return to small time development/ chase their own ideas (again), and their parent company shut it down. Much of the remaining staff made yet another small studio.

I don't think there was any drama. Just “bye, best of luck“. Or at least, that's the gist of what I'm reading.

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Dezzy wrote:

If you want to use Nintendo as an example, a better instance is Metroid Federation Force. That got a very similar response for very similar reasons. Because it was a departure from the style that people liked AND it was being presented at a time when people were expecting a proper Metroid. Hence the bad response it got. That's much more equivalent.

NEStalgia wrote:

But Blizzard-Activision apparently is aware of none of this, builds a convention, inviting the PC/console faithful, for a brand not terribly mainstream outside the faithful, hypes reveals for days, and concludes the whole thing with a mobile game hyped as the next installment, oblivious, apparently, to the knowledge the rest of the industry (sans EA) has about the perception issue of the mobile audience and the core audience not matching.

Seems the problem is that people are expecting the world and are chucking a tanty when they don't get exactly what they want. Well, not seems, because that's exactly what they are doing

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@shaneoh On the surface, that's kind of true, but there's also a reason quality PR people make big money. Sometimes it's not the actual activity but the way it's presented that causes a problem (or causes buy-in to something that doesn't deserve it.)

In this case, you don't build a high budget conference, invite people from a demographic that has very well known desires, ask them to spend money to attend (for the people in the room) and to be excited for it, and then when they get their proudly unveil to them something meant for someone else that may or may not put in jeopoardy the existence of the thing they wanted that they paid for and put energy into.

In other words, you don't send out invitations for $100 tickets to an all you can eat sushi buffet, and then when people arrive, proudly tell them that you're giving out unlimited coupons for frozen fish sticks for the supermarket down the street without expecting a revolt.

If they announced the thing on Twitter, nobody would care much. If they announced it and then put a Diablo IV logo in the screen behind them, it would have been fine. If they did nothing at all with Diablo and announced new mobile Heroes of Hell game, it would have been fine. Instead they gathered only the most hardcore Diablo fans willing to spend money and travel time into one room, and told them the next Diablo is meant for another market, primarily on the other side of the world, made by a Chinese mobile games company, and will likely be designed as a whale farm to extract limitless money.....after they finally escaped the Auction House controversy.

I mean you can't possibly get worse messaging. Heads will roll for that. This isn't just internet fan reaction, this is brand-crisis level stuff. The target market is in open revolt. It's XBone level, and it took the XBox brand 4 years to start recovering from that disaster...and Blizz/Acti doesn't have MS type money. They've been deleting comments and re-posting their trailer, and it still has few views. It's just carnage. Internet fans are poisonous, but this one was handed to them.

Kotaku had an interesting article, Schrier did some digging, and it appears, from inside leaks, that they were supposed to announce D4 as a "coming someday" kind of thing afterward, but decided just a few weeks before the show to not do that because they didn't feel ready to announce it. That very bad decision caused this reaction. It also discussed how D4 is in terrible development hell, and the whole thing has been scrapped and restarted multiple times. So...the D3 development cycle, only worse.



Couldn't announcing D4 too early if it is, in fact, in development hell, have just as bad (if not worse) backlash down the line? It's no good to tell someone something is coming, only for it to never come.

And even if it does release, knowing how most development hell games end up when they do launched... no pun intended, but they might be damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Or they could pull a FF XV. But not everyone is that lucky.

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Even FFXV still have people remembering the "good old times" of the first release as it were :V

(I remember looking through steam forums for FFXV and wow, that was hell with some people also screeching about how it doesn't look like the original unveil... Or just ranting how it sucks versus the original)


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I just watched the Blizzcon footage when they announced mobile. That was one of the worst onstage announcements I think I've ever seen. Dead silent crowd, the questions resulting in awkward responses, the booing. That one guy onstage didn't know what to do. He was expecting cheering and got silence. Sweating and obviously suddenly nervous about what to say. What a train wreck.
They legit thought this was going to over well with this crowd at Blizzcon.
Imagine Nintendo announcing the next mainline Mario, Zelda or Metroid Prime was going to be a mobile game only. We'd be livid. It really amazes me just how out of touch with their audience some of these companies can actually be.

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@DarthNocturnal @subpopz @NEStalgia add to the fact that they placed the annoucement of Diablo: Immortals as the ending announcement of Blizzcon which was typically reserved for their biggest reveals! If they ended with Warcraft 3:reforged it would have been fine



@diwdiws It's a bleak day when any announcement regarding WC3 is seen as a "better" alternative.

@subpopz That's the worrying part. I mean Blizzard's always been about the broad audience. They were building 640x480 sprite games when everyone else was on 3D to reach the broadest audience possible. So in a way mobile makes sense. But in this case, it's not just a PR disaster of giving the wrong message the wrong way and figuring it out too late. It seems like they genuinely misunderstand their market at the most basic fundamental level. That's a problem that doesn't get fixed easily and explains their inability to release games and the internal wars and constant team changes. I mean Blizzard has always been a mess. It was once described to me as "a game company run by artists", and all the problems that generates. That was back in the SC2 era. And their mobile vision makes sense too: Who would think mobile apps are the best thing after sliced bread other than a bunch of Macbook toting, iPhone wielding artists in California who see the world through Twitter and Snapchat?

IMO Diablo: Immortal itself they could recover from, but the clear demonstration that they're now so far removed from their core market they don't even comprehend what does ore doesn't appeal to them and are genuinely confused by the reaction.....I think they just took themselves out of the race. Someone can easily cash in on an opening they left now with the right game.

This is a terrible week for game conferences. It's like the evil ugly cousin of E3. First Blizzard melts down at their own convention. Then Square-Enix announces they have absolutely zero idea what they're doing, are hemorrhaging money, and are cancelling the rest of FFXV. Then Activision says that Destiny isn't performing well (despite selling quite well) and they're going to look for new ways to monetize.

One more conference this week. X018. I'm not sure I can even watch. I'm waiting for the rails to sink into the mud. Why not, every game company but Nintendo has imploded in a single week

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Would anyone be able to help me do a bit of troubleshooting with MAME (though the android version)?

I downloaded the app and got everything running smoothly (I even managed to successfully map the controls to my tablet's keyboard), and while the game I have downloaded boots up just fine, it doesn't respond to the controls (other than adding credits), whether it be the on screen inputs or my keyboard.

The game in question is Taisen Hot Gimmick (I've been addicted to the Switch version, but wanted to try out the arcade original).


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waiting for CES next year to kick in (been a pc gamer for nearly 15 years, only preceded by gameboy with pokemon red) for my next $5000 upgrade in due for Cyberpunk 2077. That's a long time away, but feels nothing in comparison to think my Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu will arrive only by the month's end to this side of the world.


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