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So in a few weeks here I will be looking to get a laptop, nothing to fancy but I would like to be able to play games on it like World of Warcraft. My budget is no more then $500. Any suggestions?

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Have redeemed my 3 months of free XBox Game Pass with my Ryzen CPU. Currently downloading Bro Force and Forza Horizon 4. If anyone has any suggestions on what else I should give a spin during the free trial I'm open to suggestions.

For lighter games like WoW really anything will do. Just make sure that you have a decent SSD rather than going with a HDD because these days HDDs don't make any sense. Also avoid the really, really cheap and nasty laptops with 32GB of Flash.

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So if you like crpg games (Wasteland 2, Planescape, etc) then keep an eye on Disco Elysium. Early impressions are that it's one of those generational great games. Since I'm not a PC gamer, I'll spend the days waiting for the inevitable console port. I'd like a Switch port, but chances are this'll be a PS5 or Xbox Scarlett console port. The game is gorgeous.

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Crusader Kings 2 is now free to play on steam. The DLC is also discounted 50% across the board for a short time, although the whole lot still amounts to over £100, so I'd advise you to be selective as to which DLCs are worth buying. "Charlemagne" allows you to start in the year 769AD, as opposed to 1066 in the base game, and 867AD in "Old Gods" (which allows you to play as pagan rulers), "Sword of Islam", "Rajas of India" and "The Republic" allow you to play as Muslim rulers, Indian rulers and republics respectively, and various other expansions add various other mechanics like relics and secret societies.
I'd certainly recommend it. Certainly now that DLC production should be winding down a bit.

In related news, Crusader Kings III has recently been announced. I'm not too eager to buy it, with the investment I've made into the previous one, but I'd be interested in checking out some gameplay when it's closer to release.

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Death Stranding coming to pc in 2020!



One of my PC gaming highlights this year was Katana Zero. Great indie title. Has that Hotline Miami feel.

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What would I need in a PC for serious gaming, please? I had a laptop years ago but that certainly wouldn't have run much
So, I've no idea what sort of specs I'd need to be able to play seriously....

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I got a new PC over a month ago and have been meaning to take a few screenshots to show off my build.

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