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osu! it's a rhythm game based on Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents. All the songs are free to download, too. Get it here:

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it's hilarious how famous Niff is now...not that any of it is undeserved or anything! The guy actually taught me how to use synths several years ago (2004 maybe?), back during the first release of #modarchive story (which is the precursor to the precursor to Within A Deep Forest) and its subsequent cleaned-up release, not to mention that he introduced me to Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer, which I still use in planning and my freeware stuff. I met him on #modarchive on espernet, and he was an absolutely delightful person, through and through--no shortage of game design and sound design tips/play-by-play instruction, and in return I lent an ear to some girlfriend troubles he was having at the time. So glad to see things have really gone his way! I'm followin' you buddy!

Adam covered most of the good ones--I don't have anything to add to this list other than Synthaesthete, which was a neat Guitar-Hero-ey game...rhythm-based, with 3d was definitely an impressive indie project.

There are a lot of PC shoot-em-ups I didn't see mentioned though...most are hosted on a japanese freeware site called Vector...I used to get linked through a shmup site that is now apparently defunct. Some great ones include all games by x.x (Blue Wish series, Green Wind, Eden series (re-imagined Green Wind)), and also some others like Solid State Survivor and the Sonic Firestorm series...I have about 25-30 from that site, most of which are pretty nice.

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People will probably berate me for saying this but Stepmania is absolutely brilliant.

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Tower of Heaven is absolutely awesome. It's a tricky platformer, but any fan of the genre should beat it with some patience. I forgot my time for my first run, but I incurred 66 deaths over its few levels. Still looking for the second secret, too. No telling what those are for.

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