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I received an offer through amazon because I made a video game purchase through them... I have the option to buy 1 year subscriptions for up to 5 gaming magazines for dirt cheap ($9-$12 for an entire years worth). I have never read these magazines, but am considering the Nintendo one, and XBOX one for my husband and sons. We have an XBOX, DS systems, and they are getting a Wii for Christmas. Does anyone have any opinion on these magazines? Are they worth a subscription? Thanks!



I was a former subscriber to XBox magazine and Nintendo Power. Both are very well done. You can't go wrong with either.

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The Official Xbox Magazine is a big addition to any Xbox 360 owner snce it comes with a disc full of demos each month, plus it comes with free themes and stuff sometimes, so it will add more value to the machine, and save HDD space and bandwidth for other stuff. They also have very well written articles and all.

Haven't read the Official Nintendo Magazine, so can't comment on it... have heard it's very good tooo..

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I subscribe to both OXM and Nintendo Power, and both are worth it in my opinion. OXM comes with the bonus/demo discs and good solid coverage of exclusives. NPower is a must-have for Ninty fans; it can sometimes be a little over-positive, but the reviews are good -- and the reviews, i've found, are from more of a "Nintendo fan-centric" viewpoint, as opposed to other publications and websites that feel the need to compare everything to what MS and Sony are doing.

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I know me and my brother and sister used to fight over who got to read our monthly copy of Nintendo Power first when I was a kid. I know it's changed since then, but I don't think a kid would mind so much -- even if you don't wind up liking those magazines, your sons probably will. :3

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Nintendo Power is good.
I never owned a Microsoft console, so I have never read the Xbox one.

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I don't buy magazines now. The internet works just as well without ads for overpriced cell phone backgrounds


NP is pretty good. I'd pick up and issue from a bookstore from time to time since the beginning of the Gamecube era, but I never liked the magazine enough to subscribe to it (always felt the reviewers were too generous).

OXM is great though. The reviews are very well done and so is the coverage. Should subscribe to it soon...


Nintendo Power will be great for your kids as it will give them good insight to the games coming out and help them have better ideas of if a game is good or not, XBOX Mag I havent read in a few years but when I was subscribed it was a great magazine as well.

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