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Thanks for the link - that's really interesting.

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.


Theres been a few threads about this over the years here the latest being

I have it on my PC and have Assassins Creed II and Arkham Asylum on it but those I got for free. It was ok but my problem with them is that they are really shakey in fact just last week the Onlive name and assests were sold form the founders to someone else (I dont remember who). Although it didnt effect game play or the games people own because of that I dont like that fact that if they go out of business I am out X amount of money for whatever game I paid for and I dont have said game.

I mainly use them as a rental service I buy like the two day game pass and if I like the game than I and get a physical copy of the game. If I dont like the game well at least I spent only 5 dollars instead of 60 and get stuck with a bad game.

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Poor OnLive. It didn't deserve this.

As for my experience with the service, I got Arkham Asylum for $1 and was able to play through the whole thing with no problems, which was awesome. I regret my purchase of the Universal Wireless Controller, because the promised Kindle Fire app never came, and the Nexus 7 one hasn't come yet either. I was hopeful until I found out what was going down behind the scenes at OnLive.

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Seems like the Ceo and the new Investor screwed everyone over. They were going to hire people back but whop in thier right mind would go back to a company who fired you and erased all your equity in the start up.

Plus Microsoft is holding a mixer this weekened to poach emplyoees to the xbox and cloud divisons.

why buy the company when you can grab the talent.


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Square enix seems to be experimenting with game streaming its still in beta but offers a couple of games to play for free in your browser it seems; haven't tried it myself but so far it offers mini ninja's and hitman blood money supported by advertising; link here if you want to check it out



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