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Hello there. Just a minute ago, after finishing my homework, I ask my grandfather about my Christmas List. All I asked for was a Playstation 3 Slim and LittleBigPlanet. He said that I might get an Playstation 3, but it depends on the economy.

I can only hope it doesn''t suck so much that I have to resort to getting Wii games instead for Chirstmas. In case your wondering, he knows of the Playstation 3 Slim, he saw it on TV and he said it was a possibility that we might get one for Chirstmas.

Could this mean that I will finally get a Playstation 3?


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I hope you do end up getting one. Good luck!

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cool. im on my way to getting one either really soon if i save up enough money(which wont be a problem because my b-day is on friday) or saving up money from my b-day and combining it with christmas money, while my parents get me a couple of games!

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Awesome news! If you do buy a PS3, I might see you online!



My boss owns a pawn shop and they have a used PS3 80GB which my coworker offered to sell to me for $200 plus tax. Unfortunately I am gonna wait and buy the slim...I hope its a good decision.

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We're also asking for a ps3 slim, and I'm asking for little big planet.




I believe the 80GB PS3 is backwards compatable with the PS2, whereas the PS3 Slim isn't. So if you don't mind not being able to play PS2 games, it should be an ok decision



Cool. Best of luck to you buddy. PS3 has some really nice exclusives coughMGS4andtheupcomingGodofWar3cough

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Little big planet. PFT. Im asking/saving for a ps3 slim and Street fighter 4 and CoD MW2 i can borrow lil bigs from my neighbour (....Lil Bigs...i like that nickname, im keeping that one)

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To many good DS and Wii games coming out for me to get a PS3 by the end of this year =P

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