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Well, it's finally confirmed.

Funny timing for me as I just bought my own copy of the game on Monday. What do you guys think of this?

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i have to wonder how suda feels about this he said more then once that Travis will be a nintendo only character

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F***HEADS!!! Untitled

"very sweet mode" !?!? aaah, no fair!!

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Seriously, such a unique game... and now on the 360 and PS3 too...

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Ninten wrote:

Seriously, such a unique game... and now on the 360 and PS3 too...


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Nice! I'll pick it up if it's better then/good as the wii version. The reason why I would do that and not buy it for the wii is because...well,I can't find that damn game!

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Well, I'm happy that PS360 owners have a chance to play this great game, but it's kind of saddening because now it gives PS360 fanboys more chances to say the Wii sucks, because even this game is also on the other systems. Ah, whatever. It's still an amazing game, and people can say what they want about the Wii, without it, No More Heroes wouldn't be what it is.

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shrugs never been a fan of the 1st one.


I liked how it was exclusive. I would like some watered-down PS3/360 ports, please...

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I didn't like No More Heroes, too anime. Killer7 was a blast though, what a powerful ending!



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I'm embarrsed to say I've never played it :-/ is it any good? Or is that a stupid question?

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Sgt+Lampshade wrote:

I'm embarrsed to say I've never played it :-/ is it any good? Or is that a stupid question?

it`s good, just a bit over rated though.
pick this up if you can find it cheap. it`s worth a once through.

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"very sweet mode" !?!? aaah, no fair!!

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@Sgt Lampshade: Buy it, it's hilariously fun, and has massive balls!

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It's called No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise.
It's not just some port, but a graphically enhanced port. They added better reflection. The polygon count is higher. The color is more vibrant. etc

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