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Topic: No mention of official Pokemon TV app on iOS, NintendoLife?

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Well, it's the early hours and I'm writing this on my phone, so I won't personally pick this up for a bit.

Anyway, there's no "reason", I don't think, why we haven't done a story, just that we've been covering other stories and working on upcoming content. If one of the team has the opportunity on Wednesday, I'm sure this may get an article, but it's not been "blackballed" as a story, as far as I'm aware ;)

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Just downloaded it,however i'm too busy on Sonic Generations on my PS3 so I haven't been able to Use It Yet. :P

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I'm sorry it took longer than some would have liked, but now we've got an article up. As always, we appreciate your patience, and if you have anything you'd like to submit as potential news, our Contact Form is always open. Thank you!

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