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So, the Xbox announcement has me wondering how far Nintendos relationship with Microsoft goes. This was a Nintendo Direct, not a SquareEnix announcement. And it was supposed to be done a week ago, which means in all likelihood Microsoft was ready to announce Final Fantasy then too. Did Microsoft hold off the announcement for Nintendo to announce first? Did SquareEnix get Microsoft to wait? Did Microsoft volunteer to wait due to the natural disasters in Japan?
Before this, they're both crossplaying, sharing Minecraft achievements via Xbox Live, Nintendo had at least one ad with Microsoft in it, Tweeting each other. Microsoft talking about it's IPs being on other systems. Just seems that Microsoft and Nintendo are getting along splendidly. Not that I mind, just makes me wonder how far this relationship goes.

I'm kinda hopeful they're forging an alliance of some kind. Partner up on some stuff. Get stuff like Killer Instinct back on a Nintendo system. What do you guys think? Just playing nice and going nowhere? Or the beginning of something in the works?

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Or Ninty secured the right to reveal the games and everyone else had to wait.



It could be the beginning of something of the works but it also could be not. What I mean by that is that if indeed Microsoft decided to partner with Nintendo, then the XBOX home entertainment system will be thrown out of the window and I don't think that Microsoft is ready to abandon a so important project of theirs. So my best bet is that they played nice OR that SquareEnix decided to make the announcement during the Nintendo Direct, putting on cold Microsoft from the moment that XBOX One sold poorly.

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Hmmm it very well could be (cough cough Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie on Switch/Banjo-Kazooie for Smash cough cough Man, that was one looong cough).

But then again, like it's been pointed out, Nintendo might have had the rights to first announce this or something of that nature.

In general, I feel like Microsoft likes to partner with Nintendo for a multitude of purposes. Getting in good PR in the Nintendo Community, thinking of Switch as a lesser threat to Xbox than PS4 (I feel like they think of Switch more as a complementary device, like something you should have alongside a 'real console'), get to good terms with Nintendo to combat the PS4 threat, making Sony look even worse than they already do on their own (Hey, guys, look we have crossplay with Nintendo and PC, we're nice).

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