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I can't really find much information on differences between the two games/versions. Are they two entirely different games, or is the PS3 version essentially just an HD remake? I just started Ni No Kuni on PS3 and I can tell from the spell symbols that you had to draw them on the screen on the DS, but is that pretty much the only difference?

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Didn't even know there was a DS version! Crazy! Wonder why it wasn't made for 3DS?

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The PS3 version adds a new story chapter (an epilogue to the DS story). Gameplay wise I think they have very different battle systems and the PS3 version may have new sidequests.

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The Stories are different, too, actually. Different cutsenes, different graphics, a few different locations, different boss fights, and ultimately way less was a DS game, after all. I've played both for about 10 hours each, and after a fairly similar beginning, it started to get really different really quickly, IIRC.

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