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Just Read the Red Comments on this site


Here is the reply on the site

Agent_Clutch | October 19th, 2009 at 3:18 pm
This Game is bought!!!!! When are you going to make a NEXT GEN ABEs Oddworld. This was the best action puzzle game ever!!! Yall need to do an Hd remake or something. I guarantee this game will be a system seller. ABE is the ish…

Lorne Lanning replied on October 19, 2009 at 4:19 pm
We’ve talked about it and would like to do it. We have seriously considered using the Stranger engine to do just this. Some work being done on the tech now. Will see how it goes, but will have to come after our current project.

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I hope they do it, but didn't Oddworld Inhabitants stop making games to make CGI movies instead? If they're making games again, great news, the first two Abe games are some of my favourite games ever.



Stranger is one of the greatest games barely anyone ever played.

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I hope this materialises, I used to love playing the Oddworld games, what other games let you rescue a group of slaves then fart into the middle of a group and cause them all to start fighting to the death A very original concept for a puzzle/platformer that has never been replicated, give us more.

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A new Oddworld game? I suddenly feel the urge to play the first one on my computor.

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I'm playing the first two right now for my first time. They are AWESOME! I'm so buying a Xbox for the other two.

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They said there movie is on hold for now they plan to re-release strangers wrath and munch's oddysee on Steam and they are consitering porting them to PSN

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