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Capcom announced that they are working on a new megaman game!

I hope this turns out well.

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wondering if it'll be cancelled -_-



Unless they have plans to give us anything in the Legends series, not interested.



Capcom announced that they have cancelled the new megaman game.

I guess this didn't turn out well.

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Capcom announced that they have cancelled the new megaman game.

I guess this didn't turn out well.

The ESRB rating on that box should've been "N for nobody"


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I hope it doesn't get cancelled and anyone else know what other gaming companies are at pax east?

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Cancel Man strikes again... I think at this point that if Capcom should make him a boss if ever they make another MM game, which hopefully wont get cancelled

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TheLZdragon one said a new game was coming. They only said they were thinking about it. Oh wait, Capcom announced a new game and then cancelled it. That's definitely the better story, right? :3

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You know this is one of the most blatant examples of really bad communication between members of a gaming company I've ever seen. The guy, as far as I'm aware, did literally say a new game was coming but than other people say they never said a's just really sad.

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