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And interestingly, they have dropped the Tomb Raider title for now. The game is called "Lara Croft and The Guardian Of Light" and currently not much is known about it other than the fact that it will be a download-only title. Being the first game made under Square-Enix, I'm curious to see how this'll turn out.

It also mentions that on Crystal Dynamics Twitter page, they hint that they're working on more than one game right now so that'll be interesting to see



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Somehow I doubt this will be WiiWare. Good thing I have a 360 just in case.

I love that title for some reason by the way. I guess it makes it sound "epic."

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I doubted that as well, which is why I put this thread in the "Other Gaming" section of the forum

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instant buy, love tomb raider and no matter what people say anniversary, legend and underworld has been a great 'reboot' for the series that started going downhill after 3. love the current gen games, and this should be no different, hopefully square-enix doesn't screw this up as i've seen mixed quality from them lately.

with the drop in tomb raider title i hope it's not a spinoff into some other genré and they keep the gameplay of tomb raider.

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pretty cool.


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Chrono+Cross wrote:

I think I'll pass.

Same. Lara Croft isn't my kind of game


Im with you Fikraag, I have beaten every iteration of Tomb Raider games since release with exception to Underground of wich Im stuck on somehow and have so many new games lately I havent finished it off. But hey bring another on for the future, Im game.

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This thread should be called "New Way to Torture Yourself". It's a much more politically correct statement.

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