Topic: Natal has a release date! (Or does it?)

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The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


Saw this report elsewhere earlier. Only a year to go huh. Nintendo will be rubbing their hands, mwahahahahah!



The Asst. Manager at Gamestop told me Natal will be compatible with every past 360 game ever made. I do not know if its true but I have a hard time believing much of what the guy says as he thought once Namco makes Sonic games.

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I would like it a bit early, but being realistic, it's, strategically, the best option for them... just on time for the Christmas sale, and at the right price (less than $100 USD)... in my case, I already have a separate "fund" for buying Natal with a couple of games for it, specially whatever Rare and Lionhead are planning.

this Christmas, I'll hopefully have a Wii Sports Resort 2-motion+ pack under the tree, and Natal under next year's tree, even if it's a gift from me to myself lol. The 2 definite new control experiences, one xmas at a time lol

I just hope they block pirated and modded 360s from using Natal, just as an extra punishment for those robbers

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Not looking forward to it. I will try it sure, but I like controllers



Devil_Hunter_Dante wrote:

...he thought once Namco makes Sonic games.

...WHAT?! XD

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I saw somewhere that its goin to be $80 dollars and released early next year. Not sure how acurate that is, but Im ready to try out the thing as it looks fantastic.

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