Topic: Namco gives fans an opportunity to vote on Pac-Man's next game (look and platform)

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What's wrong with A? (besides the fact that it is the looks they are currently using)

(voted d btw)

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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I'm conflicted. I like Pac-Man in B, the Ghost designs in D and the Ghost facial expressions in C.



I'd go D.


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D looks the best of the four (but that's not saying much. They're all ugly as heck, IMO).

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I like B

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I think that D looks pretty good.

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E) What was wrong with the original design?



I liked the original 1982 design. Let's go back to that one!

I went D because A & B look like shovelware. And between C and D, D looks more like the classic, with a dark twist to it. C just looks like Mega Man 8....and we all know how that ended.

So yeah went with D

BTW, for those who haven't voted here's a link to the survey:

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They all suck, they should go back to the designs from the Pac Man World era. I liked those.

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They all look hideous. I like Pac-Man best when he was just a wedge of cheese with no arms and legs. I'm not going to vote at all.

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none after pacman world 2 i didnt like pacman no more



C) is the best but they should revise all the artwork all together.

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I REALLY like D. It fits Pac-Man perfectly.



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