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I've been working with Unity for the past few months, its great! Its quite easy once you get hang of it.

@Nobodys_Angel Its ok, but my biggest problem is that its all with the basic RPG Maker VX Ace recources. (The sprites, music, battle system etc.) i'd reccomend getting custom resources. Interesting story tough.

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@CorporalPegasus I've never been a graphics type of guy; I make stuff with what I have (I have no idea how to use other sources either). Still, I'm mostly doing this for storytelling purposes. Glad you like it though! Make sure you explore the environment and all the choices too

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OK, I began some game coding again recently.

I've decided to start a new game library from scratch, since I've realised I can make many improvements since my last attempt. Also, once I've produced a library with some classes and functions that will be of general use, I'll be able to use it in future games (rather than reproducing code many times over).

As a result, I won't have much to show for a little while - I want to get the basic foundations down before I get stuck into an actual game. Nevertheless, I'll keep things updated here - I'm enjoying seeing what others are up to in the meantime!

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.


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