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Hi if any of you knowledgeable 360 people can answer these questions for me that would be great but you dont have to answer all of them just the ones u know about.

To Start off here are the questions
1. I want to upgrade the harddrive someday whenever they start to release the 250 gb one so my concern is for my settings n stuff i have on the 60 gb current one im using wondering if you could somehow transfer the stuff from there to the new hardrive?

2. i might get some dlc for mass effect and maybe a XBL games which would be on the original harddrive and wondering if thats possibly transfereable or do i need to redownload them onto the new harddrive?

3.regarding the 2nd question is the stuff i buy linked to my gamertag or my hotmail in this case which means i can redownload it as many times as i want and it doesnt matter if i switch a new hardrive all i would need to do is be signed into xboxlive and i can freely download what i already purchase?

4. though it doesnt matter to me does achievements get affected in any way transfering to a new hardrive or do i have to replay the games again on the new hardrive just so the achievements are locked in?

5. can anyone tell me the difference between gold and silvermember ship like i know u need gold to play online but is that it or can i still buy games with silvermember ship but not be able to use the online portion of it?

6. and my last questio is does anyone know when perfect dark Remake comes out lol?



6. It's already out.
Don't know for everything else.

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1. you can transfer but i don't know how.

2. downloadable stuff is attached to your profile so as long as you sign in to the tag you bought it on you can re-download stuff.

3. you can download what you already purchased.

4. Achievements are attached to your gamertag just recover it to the new system or harddrive over live.

5. gold you get to play online do halo waypoint, facebook, twitter, last FM, partys, early demos, deals on games. with silver you can't do partys, play online, facebook, twitter,halo waypoint, last FM for only 1 hour.

6. its not out yet.

also what's your gamertag.


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1. Yes, you can transfer it, either with a Microsoft Transfer Kit, or using a Memory Unit... you gamertag and settings can be recovered from Xbox LIVE and everything you bought can be redownloaded at no cost, so the only stuff you would need to transfer would be the saves.

2. You can either transfer them with any of the two methods I mentioned, or redownload them at no cost... redownloading them is probably better since you wouldn't need a big MU if you can't get a Transfer Kit...

3. Yes, that stuff is linked to both your gamertag and console, changing the HDD doesn't affect the license to your stuff

4. No, achievements aren't affected as long as you connected to Xbox LIVE for them to update if you were playing offline... achievements are tied to your profile, not to your savegames...

5. Silver can still buy games and use them, and even play some games online (mainly those that feature cross-plattform play with Games for Windows - LIVE). Gold will give you access to the Deals of the Week, online gameplay, Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, Halo Waypoint, 1 vs 100, Party Chat, the ability to send messages to friends from, etc.

6. If you haven't, you should check out the prequel, Perfect Dark Zero, which was a launch title for the Xbox 360, you can get it quite cheaply now. Perfect Dark XBLA is set to release sometime before the end of the year, so it will be either in the coming weeks (Christmas surprise maybe?) or during the first couple of weeks of 2010...

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