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Shocked that no-one has mentioned Hitori Omou from Fire Emblem If/Fates (namely the original Japanese version of "Lost in Thoughts"). The alternate (and shorter) version sung by Shigure during the end credits of the DLC is also great. Easily worth the cost of the OST alone, though there are plenty of other great pieces scattered throughout the game(s). I even bought the standalone single for the Blue Forest version of the song (though the version with the DVD was out of print).

I also love "Don't Speak Her Name!" from Awakening, and the short piece when Chrom and Lucina embrace.

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Nobody mentioned this?

Hearing this with dialog for the first time was fantastic!

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Both of the Xenoblade soundtracks are amazing. Any number of tracks you could choose. I'll go with something else though. "Don't Speak Her Name" from Fire Emblem Awakening. Beautiful track that's used brilliantly in the story and matches the level theme it's used with perfectly:

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'Beyond the Sky' from Xenoblade Chronicles.

It's only played once in the entire game too. That's dedication to a soundtrack. They'd normally want to get a better value for money by playing any track in 3 or 4 places.

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Well, avoiding the ones already mentioned, Unwavering Emotions from Pokemon Black/White is a tear-jerker.

Both Pollyanna and Eight Melodies (Earthbound Beginnings) are wonderful. Because I Love You (Earthbound) as well.

Super Paper Mario has Promise, among others.

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@link3710 I came in here just to mention Earthbound.


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Mario & Luigi RPG : The End Of Travelling. I really love this song.
It makes me feel happy... yet sad at the same time. It really hits me in the feels...

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