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I was thinking about getting Monkey Island Special Edition on the PC rather than the 360, I think that mouse controls would work way better than a control pad, thing is I went on steam and it says the following for it's specs...

3.0GHz Processor

now here's the thing, I have 1GB of RAM, but I only have a 2.4GHz single core processor, am I going to be able to play this game without any problems, or will my processor suffer big time? If so, I might have to result in getting the 360 version.




I don't think it should be that much of a problem but I do not really know that much about computers.

If you wanna be sure it works, perhaps you should still opt for the Xbox 360 version.

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I've heard the game is weirdly processor heavy (especially considering it's a HD remake of a 15yr old game!) and some people even with recommended specs have experienced some 'slowdown', but nothing more serious than that. Quite what 'slowdown' means in the extremely slow genre of point-n-click adventurings I couldn't say!!!

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