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Anyone played it yet? I've not heard much about it since it's release. It's gotten mediocre reviews on metacritic, but a friend of mine said that it is really fun and funny. I'm going to get it soon.



I'm picking it up this weekend along with Rock Band Beatles. I too have a friend that said Mini Ninjas was pretty good.

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i've seen trailers of it and i think it looks pretty cool looking but right now too many preorders so it'd have to wait i might just rent it though

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I played the demo on my PS3 and I was impressed; it was really fun! I was going to pick it up but I'm a little short on cash after buying Muramasa plus I have Bowser's Inside Story and Scribblenauts coming up next week.



i just picked up the Wii version... i'm on the third level, and i'm having fun, but the controls are taking a lot of getting used to. for some reason, it doesn't have the same intuitive feel as Twilight Princess and Okami did; the major thing is that i keep wanting to swing the remote to attack instead of pressing B like I'm supposed to.

the camera is kinda driving me up a wall. it has the tendency to zoom in for no apparent reason whenever I try to use a magic attack on enemies (fireball, tornado), completely throwing off my aim. it may be because the wiimote was pointed in a weird direction; that too will take practice to control.

another thing is that I do not like the way the game tells you almost every time you come to a point where you can do something (pick a flower, shake a tree or a door, search for magic shrines) that you can do so. seriously, let me do it on my own, will you? i'm not an idiot, and it's not like you can't get to the map of the controls from the menu. the game is nice in that at the end of each level it tells you how many things you collected (jizo statues, plants, magic scrolls, etc.), too, which is enough of a hint that you need to go back because you missed something without being told as soon as you near an area where you're supposed to use the shrine-finding magic that you should use that particular spell. i'm hoping this is just because it was the first couple levels and that it will eventually stop notifying me of this BS, because if there's a way to turn this stuff off in the 'options' menu, i'm not seeing it. :/ it's almost as bad as the 'You found a (insert color here) rupee! That's (insert number here) rupees!' message that popped up all the time in Twilight Princess, though that stopped the game entirely, while this is just images of buttons popping up on the screen and obstructing your view as you go. blarg.

annoyances aside, i like the story, I love the style of art they used (it's simple, but it works), and i'm having fun defeating cute little samurai dudes and having them poof back into forest creatures, and then possessing the creatures afterward. what can i say, I'm easily amused. :3 I also like that possessing an animal makes it easier for you to find hidden objects (the jizo statues and flowers). that helps a lot.

ah well. i only took a break because i needed to change the contrast on my TV for the third level, and then the phone rang. back to playing it. :3

edit: i wanted to add that when i got home, i was surprised to find that GameStop had actually sold me a sealed copy of Mini Ninjas. o_o

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played the 360 demo. cool but not worth the buy for me.....

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It was on my must have list but I was not impressed with the demo. Im playing Arkham Asylum, GTA4, Dead Space, The Force Unleashed and Midnight Club so I dont need anymore games at the moment so I think Im goin to pass it up.

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