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Hello everybody!

I bought some microsoft points for a couple of friends from my amazon account, but those points are for NA XBOX LIVE ACCOUNTS, and they don't have one setted like that, so my points are worthless and i cant return them...

so, i have 400, 800 and 1200 points sitting there doing nothing, and i want to exchange them to ESHOP POINTS OR PSN POINTS OR AMAZON GIFT CARDS, all my accounts are from NA/USA.

Yes, i know that im new here, so i wouldnt mind giving the XBOX code first... we dont have PM here so we can do it through PSN [ecynet] or NNID []!

BTW, i don't know if im breaking some rules here, so MODS feel free to delete or block this thread...

Here is a little gift from me: TPBV9-73GH3-9XDCX-CHT4M-WJPDP [XBOX LIVE USA ACCOUNT ONLY]...!


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our Trading Post thread is here if you've got anything for trade, ecynet. Good luck to you!

future of NL >:3
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