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Anybody Else ready for the sequel to Bioware's best game. The game takes all your decisions from the first game and puts them into the next. The game will like Dragon Age have day one DLC and the dragon Age blooddragon armor can be used in ME2.

Mass Effect 1 Recap music video

Mas Effect 2


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I'll be getting the PC version eventually. Bioware are getting too DLC happy though. The first game's DLC wasn't all that great so I'm hoping ME2's is good.

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I've got the armor waiting for me (from Dragon Age). I have the first ME but only played it for about 2 hours. I guess I need to revisit it soon.



I doubt this needs saying, but it's the game i'm most looking forward to right now. Mass Effect 1 left a huge cliffhanger that needs continuation. And after Dragon Age I need more Bioware! Got my ME1 save ready to be imported into ME2 waiting for it.

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I heard that romance with Thane is possible. Yes. Fish-man sex. Seriously.



If i ever get a 360 again,i'll look into this one.
The first was so good.
I love space astromony(lol screw the spellings)

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Swiket wrote:

I heard that romance with Thane is possible. Yes. Fish-man sex. Seriously.

Somewhere out there someone is VERY excited about this news.
I guess the goal of traveling through the galaxy really is meeting new species.....and having sex with them.

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I had a forced conversation about this game with a GameStop employee. It sounds interesting, I might rent it.

The Game.

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