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Topic: Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

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So my wife and I recently got back from a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio (Go Reds) and I got to visit a Dave & Busters for the first time....honestly I went a bit out of our way to go there just so we could try MKAGPDX (wow that's a long abbreviation). Anyway, we both absolutely loved it. There were a ton of games there but we mostly just ended up playing Mario Kart. I played the first Mario Kart Arcade a while back at Disney World, and while it was fun as well (got to play all the tracks on that one as well) it wasn't near as good as this one in my opinion, and maybe part of that is the multiplayer which was not available for the first title where I was.
The pictures like before, add some real funny stuff to the experience as well, and if I can find a way to do so, I'd be happy to upload some of the pics of myself on the game for some laughs.
If you do get a chance to play this one, go for it, but I suggest playing it with some friends as it makes it even better. It's also pretty balanced, so while some hardcore people find that annoying, it makes it a fun arcade title with friends.
Has anyone else had the chance to play this yet or the original?

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I have played the first two (That used the Triforce Hardware) when they used to have them in Namco Station in London but not the new one.

(Prefer any of them I have played to what Nintendo puts on home consoles by miles).

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I actually have! It's quite an amazing game. The gameplay is fast and smooth, the graphics and enviornments are colorful and lively (besides Donkey fur. Yuck.), the massive selection of items is astounding, and the exclusive Fusion Tank feature is very nice.

Personally, due to Nintendo and Namco's continuing collaboration, I want courses from this game to be in Mario Kart 8 as DLC, such as Peach Castle, Kingdom Way, Sky Arena, Aerial Road, Bowser Factory, and Splash Circuit.





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uhh the game looks great. Too bad i have to actually go out of my way to play it. It would be great is they released it on the Eshop or something because most gamers don't go to arcades since 2001.

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