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So heres the deal. i used to play Maplestory. i thought it was a really fun game. i never minded the grinding too much because i liked discovering new places and joining guilds and what not. however i didnt like how long it took to level up and i hated the people spamming lines over and over. i had a level 34 profile and some minor profiles that were around level 10-15. buuut then i got my computer reimaged and maplestory got deleted. and for a while ive been wanting to redownload it
then, i found out about Mabonagi, and it too looks pretty interesting. although i hear you need to pay money for its best features.

so my question is, should i get Maplestory or Mabinogi?

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I played one like it, but I can't remember if it was Mabinogi. Either way, it was unplayable because there was just so much lag.

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